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We’ve met up with the Swedish fashion model Andrea Helander to make sure that our latest drop, Brownsville, was presented in the best way to the market.

The luxury hoodie is made in a sustainable and comfy organic cotton-rich blend which gives you a comfortable feeling of effortless beyond the seasons.

Regardless of the trends in fashion, this hoodie will always keep you looking good, no matter the time or year.

It’s all about comfort. The brushed fleecy lining and the short-shave treatment will make the luxurious feeling last forever.

The timeless and understated design with rugged drawstrings, makes the hoodie wearable at multiple occasion. The elegant detailing, such as the double layer hood, allows you to pair it with more formal wear.

Brownsville is simply a hoodie for any occasion. Explore the luxurious hoodie in three different colors, navy, grey melange and black.