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The passion upon which Nimbus identity was founded, is a passion build on the initial idea of embracing that everybody has their own story to tell.


Make your brand stand out with Nimbus

At Nimbus, we know that profile clothing is not just a polo with a logo, a jacket with a print or a shirt with embroidery. Our corporate fashion is created with a focus on quality, design and details. We design our clothes so that your embroidered logo or printed company name comes into focus. In the same way we develop and design our clothes in luxurious and classic designs to make sure your company is promoted in the most professional and convincing way.

In a market where company clothing with a logo is often associated with cheap jackets or T-shirts in less good quality, we have designed our products from carefully selected fabrics that meet the concept of ‘slow fashion’ and our principles of both physical and visual durability.

Experience your employees wearing Nimbus profile clothing, with your logo, will feel valued and well-adjusted in clothing, that they could find themselves buying as a private consumer. This is reflected in the great fitting and modern design of the products, whether it is jackets for women or polos for men.