High quality cotton

The use of high quality long stable cotton in all our products, is the main reason for a long list of key point
that makes our cotton products stand out from the crowd.


Stable Yarns

Natural fibers, such as cotton require length, strength and elasticity. The long cotton fiber will result in the final fabric being stronger, softer and more durable.

The length of the cotton fibers refers to the cotton staple, and the long staple cotton is renowned for its superior quality thanks to the length of the fiber.

Combed Cotton

Combed cotton is made by treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. The harvested cotton is applied on to fine brushes (the ‘combs’) to clean away impurities and any short fibers. Roughly 15% of the volume is removed this way, and leaves only long, straight fibers. The slivers of combed cotton are then spun into thread. As a general rule, combed cotton is more expensive than conventional carded cotton.

Ring-spun cotton

The yarn that is created for ring-spun cotton, is spun in a way that produces stronger and longer threads, as it is continuously twisted and thinned to make an extra-fine string of fibers. During this process, the threads are compacted in a way that produces a very strong and durable material. The more times the fiber has been spun and twisted, the softer it feels. Open end yarn, that is not ring-spun often result in a fabric with a rough texture.




Changing To Organic Cotton

Developing and producing within the textile industry, as well as many other industries, has an impact on our environment.

At Nimbus, we are therefore continually working hard towards an enduring sustainable strategy,
minimizing the consequences of our activities.

We are constantly striving at developing long-lasting products both in regards to quality as well as design, while at the same time sourcing materials and finding production methods that reduce our environmental footprints.

As an important part of this strategy, we are in the process of developing our current collection to consist of a wider range of products produced from GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is made from natural seeds and is grown without the
use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizes, which leads to improved soil condition, lower greenhouse gas emissions,
stronger biodiversity and better health among the cotton growers.

Changing to organic cotton

This abovementioned conversion means that existing styles changing from conventional cotton to organic cotton, will be marked with our “Changing to Organic Cotton” logo.




Certified Organic Cotton

Styles that already are produced with organic cotton will be marked with an “Certified Organic Cotton “ logo.


We still hold stock from previous productions, but as we consider it environmentally irresponsible to destroying these,
we will initiate a “first in first out” principle.

We hope that everyone will welcome the “new” products and support us in our efforts to
protect our future and environmental imprints.